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GIS Website Help: Browser Cache Issue

Welcome to Charlotte County's GIS Interactive Website help document. This help document addresses an issue of user browser cache while navigating the Charlotte County GIS Website.

Issue: Search is non responsive or not fetching any results

Cause: We have updated the web component powering the search to serve you better. However, your browser is still remembering the old search component in its history or cache

How can I fix it?

Fix for this is emptying your browser's cache and hard refresh it. If you know how to do it, please do it immediately.

If you don't know how to do it, this document will try to help you.

How will I empty Cache and hard refresh my browser?

Easiest way: Force Refresh

Force reload of browser is the easiest way.

Open Charlotte County GIS Website in your browser. Keep that page open.
Next, you are going to refresh the page using keyboard shortcuts from the keyboard. Depending on your operating system all you need to do is press the following key combination in your keyboard:

Windows: ctrl + F5
Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
Linux: F5

Now you will see that the webpage has been refreshed. Now, check whether the Search is working as expected. If not, see next steps.

Empty Cache in Edge Browser

Empty Cache in Google Chrome Browser

The fastest way to get rid of the cache data in Google Chrome is the option "Clear Browser cache". You can access this function with the following shortcut:

  1. Press the keys [Ctrl][Shift] and [Del]. Be sure you press all the keys at once.
  2. A new window opens: "Clear Browser cache".
  3. Here you can select in the upper dropdown-menu, for which time period you want to delete the cache data. You can select between "last hour", "last day", "last week", "last four weeks" or "all".
  4. If you want to delete all cache date, select "all".
  5. Check the box in front of "Images and Files in Cache".
  6. Submit your selection by clicking the "Delete Browser data" Button.
  7. Reload your site.

See Google help here

Empty Cache in Firefox Browser

See Mozilla help here

Empty Cache in Safari Browser

  1. Open the Safari menu in your menu bar, then go to Preferences.
  2. Under Advanced, click on the checkbox that says “Show Develop menu in menu bar”
  3. safari
  4. Now, there should not be a new “Develop” menu in the menu bar.
  5. Open that and click on “Empty Caches” towards the bottom.
  6. Refresh the page if it hasn’t already and try the search again.

See Apple help on how to remove cache from Safari in Mac here

See Apple help on how to clear cache from Apple devices here

Empty Cache in Android Mobile Devices

See Google help here

! Important !: Internet Explorer is not supported

Microsoft has retired Internet Explorer as of June 15, 2022. So, we can not guarentee any support for IE which is in End of Life. See Microsoft announcement here

If you still have questions, email Charlotte County GIS - Information Technology Division